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  Reflexology  (30 Minutes)                        £22          


  Indian Head Massage  (30 Minutes)        £22            



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Are You A Corporate Business? 



Do you want to decrease employee absence levels?

Increase employee productivity?

Want to reduce stress and tension in your workplace?

Stress is often the highest cause of absence in the workplace. Present day demands on business are putting employers and employees under a tremendous amount of pressure. People are working harder than ever and are increasingly less productive. Dipping energy levels, inability to maintain attention and stress and strain on the body may mean we are not getting the best from our employees.

Did you know that the Institute of Personnel and Development says sickness leave is costing British Industry around £500 per employee?

That's £13 billion a year!

The good news is that Soul to Soles can help to reduce the stress and sickness that causes this absence and help to create a happier, healthier workforce. Reflexology treatments will improve and maintain health and well-being which will directly impact on Key Performance Indicators such as absence levels, employee turnover and performance, all of which have a large financial impact on a business.

Making a small investment in your employees well-being could mean bigger rewards for your company long term. Offering reflexology will have a positive impact all round.


Your employees will feel:

More relaxed

Have an improved sense of health and well being

They have a better work/life balance

Feel valued by your company

The benefits to your company are:

Improved employee productivity

Increased morale

Reduced sickness levels

Your employees will be more motivated

Your employees will be better able to cope with stress

An increase in staff retention

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